Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Act 2022

On the 29th June 2022, the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Act 2022 was passed. It covers 4 key areas, many of which have NOT been implemented. At present, there is no clear timetable for their implementation as additional work and consultation with stakeholders has to occur. Below is a summary of the key points of […] Read More

News Statement – Scot Gov

Scottish Criminal Justice Committee Today (31st May 2022), the BFA wrote to the Scottish Criminal Justice Committee to highlight the real risk of increased injury and death associated with the Scottish Governments Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill. The BFA (and BPA) have maintained throughout the original Working Group meetings, directly with the Minister for […] Read More

BFA welcomes report

The BFA has broadly welcomed the findings of a 77-page Government report published today (November 5th) by a group of MPs who investigated several national public petitions to Parliament calling for firework restrictions. Published by the Petitions Committee, it considered a wide range of views – including those expressed by the firework industry’s trade association […] Read More

BFA supports reporting of anti-social use of fireworks

As responsible importers and suppliers, BFA members do not condone the anti-social use of fireworks.  You can help us to stamp out this very small minority who are creating problems for the majority of responsible users.  Illegal imports, suppliers of banned items via social media and blatant misuse can be stopped.   It needs YOU […] Read More

BFA Supports RSPCA message

BFA supports the RSPCA advice to help animals feel safe, the below leaflet gives pet owners very useful advice on how best to keep your pet calm and safe. Fireworks frighten animals – Help them feel safe (PDF 608KB) Read More

Fireworks: Scottish government survey finds support for tougher controls

In response to Scottish government survey the BFA has the following comments; 1) A ban will lead to an increase in illegal behaviour. 2) Fireworks will still be available – just driven underground (and away from the current stringent checks/controls). 3) Use of fireworks will be more unpredictable (types and times). 4) Scotland (like Ireland) […] Read More

Fire Chiefs and UK Government support UK Fireworks industry ahead of Parliamentary debate

June 6, 2016 Fire Chiefs and UK Government support UK Fireworks industry ahead of Parliamentary debate Fire chiefs have said any move to restrict the sale and use of fireworks could have the opposite effect and lead to an increase in illegal use. Fire and Rescue Services support for the British Fireworks Association’s position comes […] Read More

Fireworks Enforcement Liaison Group (FELG) National Fireworks Forum

This one-day free of charge event was held on the 18th May at Worcester Guildhall and was of interest to local authority Officers and industry. Topics under wide discussion were separation distances, amendments to ER2014, air transport safety, theatrical pyrotechnics, site licencing, disposal, compliance testing and etc. Speakers included: BFA – British Fireworks Association BPA – British […] Read More