News Statement – Scot Gov

News Statement – Scot Gov

Scottish Criminal Justice Committee

Today (31st May 2022), the BFA wrote to the Scottish Criminal Justice Committee to highlight the real risk of increased injury and death associated with the Scottish Governments Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill.

The BFA (and BPA) have maintained throughout the original Working Group meetings, directly with the Minister for Community Safety (Ash Regan) and in evidence to the Justice Committee, that the Bill is confusing, targets the wrong people and will make matters worse, not better. Despite hearing concerns from MSP’s on the Justice Committee and numerous proposed amendments from Members, the Scottish Government remains entrenched, refusing to listen to reason from Members, those in enforcement and those with specialist knowledge of the industry.

A copy of the letter can be found HERE

Statement by the British Fireworks Association

The British Fireworks Association is disappointed with the inquiry outcome – despite having worked with the inquiry for almost a year.

It has two major concerns.

1) After days of taking and verifying evidence for almost a year from a very broad range of contributors, it has not come up with anything new.

2) It has missed a golden opportunity to address concerns around safety, illegal imports and anti-social behaviour.

For these reasons, the BFA has produced its own minority report which goes much further than the recommendations of the Inquiry.

The BFA wishes to make Bonfire night safer.

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