The British Fireworks Association

The British Fireworks Association (BFA) represents and guides the majority of the UK’s manufacturers and importers of consumer fireworks. Operating in a heavily regulated and heavily monitored industry with strong laws in place controlling the sale and use of fireworks, we insist that all of our members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct consistent with our motto: Safety, Quality, Reliability.

Safety, Quality, Reliability

The BFA works with Government, Local Authorities, The Fire Service, Industry Leaders, Trading Standards, Health & Safety Executive and numerous charities & other stakeholders to help advise on keeping the use of fireworks in the UK safe.

Our priorities include:

  • Promoting the safe and sensible use of fireworks that are manufactured and tested to the highest standards.
  • Actively supporting the strong laws already in place controlling the sale and use of fireworks, including encouraging an increase in police enforcement.
  • Making recommendations to Government decision makers, to help ensure that changes in the law do not create a black market for fireworks or opportunities for rogue traders.
  • Promoting the responsible enjoyment of fireworks and actively opposing the anti-social or misuse of fireworks.
  • Supporting steps to increase the penalties associated with firework misuse.