BFA welcomes report

BFA welcomes report

The BFA has broadly welcomed the findings of a 77-page Government report published today (November 5th) by a group of MPs who investigated several national public petitions to Parliament calling for firework restrictions.

Published by the Petitions Committee, it considered a wide range of views – including those expressed by the firework industry’s trade association the British Fireworks Association (BFA).

The committee made several keys recommendations designed to tackle anti-social behaviour, underage sales and the collation of facts and figures relating to accidents and illegal firework activity.

The British Fireworks Association said: “We believe the Government now has a better understanding of the industry and the joy it can bring to millions of people. We welcome the fact it has not come down on the side of an outright ban. That would have driven the market underground and made things far worse for everyone.”

“We will work diligently with the Government to find solutions to some of the issues it has raised and give our full support to measures designed to help emergency services and local government to eradicate misuse and hooliganism.”

“The committee made it clear there has to be a big shift towards a more responsible public use of our products – and we look forward to helping achieve this. The industry cannot do it alone – we need the support of enforcement agencies.”

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