Fireworks: Scottish government survey finds support for tougher controls

Fireworks: Scottish government survey finds support for tougher controls

In response to Scottish government survey the BFA has the following comments;

1) A ban will lead to an increase in illegal behaviour.

2) Fireworks will still be available – just driven underground (and away from the current stringent checks/controls).

3) Use of fireworks will be more unpredictable (types and times).

4) Scotland (like Ireland) will be flooded with illegal, sub-standard, no quality control fireworks. These will be very hard to police.

5) It remains better and safer to have a regulated industry. The BFA will continue to work with enforcement agencies to eradicate the misuse of fireworks so as to allow those how enjoy them safely and responsible to include fireworks in their celebrations.

6) We accept fireworks put an additional strain on the emergency services. An unregulated firework industry would present a far bigger strain. Police, fire and trading standards are not always checking products effectively now (and we have evidence of this). To push it underground would make their jobs harder.

7)  “Ban the hooligans and criminals not  the fireworks”. The enforcement agencies already have the powers to address the public’s concerns expressed in this consultation. If they don’t have the resources now to use those powers, they won’t stand a chance if fireworks are forced underground.